Mad Men 7.1 – a world of assholes

Mad Men season 7 episode 1 (Time Zones) reminds us that whether you are in California, at a drug-fueled orgy, or punching the clock, the world is full of assholes.

Peggy’s life is so shitty that she gets reminded of actual shit everyday by the kid with the plugged toilet. Her life is shit. Her work is shit. She shits all over Freddy Rumsen’s idea which is actually Don’s idea. She’s an asshole. That can happen to nice but miserable people.

Shit aside, it looks like Joan’s had her dresses altered to be a few inches above the knee. We haven’t seen her knees till now. “A thing like that”, as Pete would say.

Speaking of short dresses, Megan is probably the hottest woman in California in that baby doll, baby blue dress. The fact that Don wouldn’t give up everything to be with her full time makes me wonder if he will ever figure out what’s good for him. If he can ditch his family and job to hang out in California with Anna for a few months, he can do it again for his wife.

Nice to see Neve Campbell getting some work. I can’t picture her playing a mom, a typical role for someone in her late 30′s no longer getting cast as the bi-sexual love interest. Talk about a great cameo.

No matter how Don, Peggy, Megan and Joan are doing, I have to admit that Betty is the character I can’t wait to see. No one can drop a bomb like she can, and no one has had power over Don like she does. As a fellow Nordic ice blonde, I enjoy her bitchiness vicariously.

She’s the best asshole of them all.

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Tha tea


I am currently obsessed with the Organic Saigon Chai from David’s Tea, so much so that I accidentally bought $40 of it. Anyway, every morning when I put the tea in my tea ball strainer thing, I hear the voice of Catherine Earnshaw saying, “Is he going to have some of tha tea?” (Remember they’re in the north of England, hence the “tha”.)

She was bitching about the narrator honing in on her precious tea supplies.

It never fails. I always hear her, every goddam morning.

I read Wuthering Heights when I was 12. Must’ve been some heavy imprinting. Crap.

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That You Are Here

When I was 16 I would go to used bookstores. One day I picked up a leather bound copy of “Leaves of Grass” by Walt Whitman.

I remember having it on me at the mall one day, and I was reading it sitting on a bench, surrounded by crowds. I was reading “I Sing The Body Electric”, and I felt the earth open up beneath my feet. I had never read anything that made me feel the immensity of life’s possibilities before. It changed me.

This ad moves me and gives me chills similar to how I felt all those years ago.

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Dumb thoughts – camouflage

As I was paying for my parking ticket this morning the machine told me to press the green button to accept my purchase.

As I did I thought, “Wait! Isn’t this horribly discriminative against people who are red/green colourblind?


And then I saw the big “CANCEL” and figured that if the colourblind can drive but can’t read then they’re on their own. I tried.

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Teens in the 1990′s Can Relate

I was a teen in the 90′s and this means I didn’t have a camera with me all the time. Cameras were rarely pulled out of the drawer in the living room and film was expensive to buy and develop.

I remember my Grama’s freezer had quite a few rolls of film in little black cylinders.

One day on a whim I got them all developed. I can’t even remember what was on them — why is that you wonder? Because without taking a photo of that moment, I don’t remember it. Continue reading

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Cat Camoflague

Every day I take Kimi outside and tie his leash to a post in the garden. There’s a lilac tree 10 feet away where I’ve hung a bird feeder full of seeds.

Every day Kimi will sit directly underneath the bird feeder, expecting the pretty sparrows, wrens and chickadees not to notice him there. That is – he did that everyday until today when he discovered that he could hide in the garden and plan his hunting strategies from there.

See if you can spot the kitty in the pictures below.


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Megan Draper’s Poorboy Sweater – for a Cat!

I’ve been knitting cat sweaters lately instead of blogging (sorry). I saw Megan Draper (on Mad Men) wearing this sweater in the Tale of Two Cities episode :

Photo Credit:

Photo Credit:

and I thought – wouldn’t that be cute on a cat? Continue reading

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Mad Men 6.2 – Baby Making

Screen Shot 2013-04-20 at 7.54.52 PMThis week’s episode was about making babies (sex).

Joan’s reminded of her sexual encounter with Herb.

Herb: “You have to admit there’s a part of you that’s happy to see me.”

Joan: “You have to admit there’s a part of you that you haven’t seen in years.” Continue reading

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Mad Men 6.1 – Doorways…leading to pot.

Screen Shot 2013-04-13 at 6.01.24 PMMad Men’s sixth season premier was all about the pot. Sure it was a bit about “doorways”, as the title suggests, as a symbol for how meaningless life is, blah blah blah. Thanks Roger. Please put down your milk and vodka and take some more LSD.

Why was this episode so pot-heavy? I think it would have to be pot-heavy in order to distract the viewers from the loud colours everyone was wearing. Did you see those ties? Plus I feel like I have to be high just to cope with the side-burns. If memory serves me correctly, I believe that in the first five minutes of watching the show,  I actually put down my glass of wine so that when I yelled at the TV about the side-burns and hideous ties that I wouldn’t gesticulate all over the place and spill wine on my cat. Continue reading

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4 mm Noodles

Today, in Walmart, Aaron and I were grocery shopping. I have a cold, so I want to speed this along. Aaron likes to go down every aisle in case we miss anything. At one point I made the call to skip the pop and chip aisles because we don’t buy those. His response was to pull out the grocery list that I made, to make sure I wasn’t missing anything in my hasty aisle-skipping.

Aaron: So we skipped the noodle aisle, and it says here 4 millimeter noodles.

Me: (laughing) What? Oh my god that’s 4 mm needles! For knitting!

Aaron: Oh, I thought you were getting very specific about noodles.

Me: You’re adorable.

My hand-writing is atrocious, but he is also very cute.

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