Mad Men 7.1 – a world of assholes

Photo by Michael Yarish/AMC

Photo by Michael Yarish/AMC

Mad Men season 7 episode 1 (Time Zones) reminds us that whether you are in California, at a drug-fueled orgy, or punching the clock, the world is full of assholes.

Peggy’s an asshole too. But to be fair, her life is so shitty that she gets reminded of actual shit everyday by the kid with the plugged toilet.

She shits all over Freddy Rumsen’s idea which is actually Don’s idea. Being a total asshole can happen to nice, miserable people.

Shit aside, it looks like Joan’s had her dresses altered to be a few inches above the knee. We haven’t seen her knees till now. “A thing like that”, as Pete would say.

Speaking of short dresses, Megan is probably the hottest woman in California in that baby doll, baby blue dress. The fact that Don wouldn’t give up everything to be with her full time makes me wonder if he will ever figure out what’s good for him. If he can ditch his family and job to hang out in California with Anna for a few months, he can do it again for his wife.

Nice to see Neve Campbell getting some work. I can’t picture her playing a mom, a typical role for someone in her late 30’s no longer getting cast as the bi-sexual love interest. Talk about a great cameo.

No matter how Don, Peggy, Megan and Joan are doing, I have to admit that Betty is the character I can’t wait to see. No one can drop a bomb like she can, and no one has had power over Don like she does. As a fellow Nordic ice blonde, I enjoy her bitchiness vicariously.

She’s the best asshole of them all.

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