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Tha tea

I am currently obsessed with the Organic Saigon Chai from David’s Tea, so much so that I accidentally bought $40 of it. Anyway, every morning when I put the tea in my tea ball strainer thing, I hear the voice … Continue reading

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That You Are Here

When I was 16 I would go to used bookstores. One day I picked up a leather bound copy of “Leaves of Grass” by Walt Whitman. I remember having it on me at the mall one day, and I was … Continue reading

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Dumb thoughts – camouflage

As I was paying for my parking ticket this morning the machine told me to press the green button to accept my purchase. As I did I thought, “Wait! Isn’t this horribly discriminative against people who are red/green colourblind? And … Continue reading

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Teens in the 1990’s Can Relate

I was a teen in the 90’s and this means I didn’t have a camera with me all the time. Cameras were rarely pulled out of the drawer in the living room and film was expensive to buy and develop. … Continue reading

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Megan Draper’s Poorboy Sweater – for a Cat!

I’ve been knitting cat sweaters lately instead of blogging (sorry). I saw Megan Draper (on Mad Men) wearing this sweater in the Tale of Two Cities episode : and I thought – wouldn’t that be cute on a cat?

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What Would John Do? The Vatican Forgives the Beatles. LOL

Laughter ensued throughout the world when the Vatican magnamimously forgave the Beatles for claiming that they were ‘bigger than Jesus’ back on March 4th, 1966.  Huh.  Even a home-schooled child should be able to see that this is a super-lame … Continue reading

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Justin Bieber – Why The Fancy Hair?

I know, I’m not young or old enough (as in a cougar-type) to be a fan of this kid whose balls probably haven’t even descended yet.  He was on SNL last night with Tina Fey with not horrible results: Now … Continue reading

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Short Films Nominated for Oscars in 2010

I’m not going to talk about fashion.  I’ll let other blogs like Go Fug Yourself do the fashion critiques.  Here’s the Oscars site for the list of winners. Does anyone else think the Oscars are becoming really boring?  Remember the … Continue reading

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Wash Your Mouth Out With _____.

About a week ago a news story was released about a group of Peruvian gang members who were caught killing fat people and saving their fat to sell to European cosmetic companies for making soap and cosmetics. One of the … Continue reading

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A New Age of Fun? Why Movies These Days Suck.

Last week my partner and I couldn’t find any movies we wanted to rent on iTunes, and there was nothing to watch on TV so we went to the local Blockbuster. Underwhelmed by the options, we ended up taking away … Continue reading

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