Mad Men 6.2 – Baby Making

Screen Shot 2013-04-20 at 7.54.52 PMThis week’s episode was about making babies (sex).

Joan’s reminded of her sexual encounter with Herb.

Herb: “You have to admit there’s a part of you that’s happy to see me.”

Joan: “You have to admit there’s a part of you that you haven’t seen in years.” Continue reading

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Mad Men 6.1 – Doorways…leading to pot.

Screen Shot 2013-04-13 at 6.01.24 PMMad Men’s sixth season premier was all about the pot. Sure it was a bit about “doorways”, as the title suggests, as a symbol for how meaningless life is, blah blah blah. Thanks Roger. Please put down your milk and vodka and take some more LSD.

Why was this episode so pot-heavy? I think it would have to be pot-heavy in order to distract the viewers from the loud colours everyone was wearing. Did you see those ties? Plus I feel like I have to be high just to cope with the side-burns. If memory serves me correctly, I believe that in the first five minutes of watching the show,  I actually put down my glass of wine so that when I yelled at the TV about the side-burns and hideous ties that I wouldn’t gesticulate all over the place and spill wine on my cat. Continue reading

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4 mm Noodles

Today, in Walmart, Aaron and I were grocery shopping. I have a cold, so I want to speed this along. Aaron likes to go down every aisle in case we miss anything. At one point I made the call to skip the pop and chip aisles because we don’t buy those. His response was to pull out the grocery list that I made, to make sure I wasn’t missing anything in my hasty aisle-skipping.

Aaron: So we skipped the noodle aisle, and it says here 4 millimeter noodles.

Me: (laughing) What? Oh my god that’s 4 mm needles! For knitting!

Aaron: Oh, I thought you were getting very specific about noodles.

Me: You’re adorable.

My hand-writing is atrocious, but he is also very cute.

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Bananor Knits Cat Sweaters

You may have noticed the ads on here promoting my line of designer hand-knit cat sweaters.

photoHere is Kimi posing in the Jammin’ cat sweater.

It took hours to find the perfect shades of red, yellow and green.

Next up is the Norwegian cat sweater with a traditional snowflake design knit into the back.

Kimi isn’t NorwegIMG_2489ian, but he’s a friend to all people and can appreciate their customs.

The Norwegian sweater is lined to make sure that little kitty claws don’t catch on the inside and snag the intricate snowflake design.

The latest in cat fashions is a lilac-inspired striped sweater, perfect for Easter brunch or church.

IMG_2509Don’t worry, it’s perfectly comfortable. And that’s not belly fat, that’s an abundance of luscious fur.

I started designing cat sweaters because Kimi enjoys wearing them. He purrs the whole time he’s wearing one. I tried dog sweater patterns, but as you can imagine, they don’t fit.

Cats and dogs don’t have the same build, so why would we expect dog sweaters to look good on cats? These cat sweaters are the result of hours of trial and error and fittings on my very accommodating model. I have a plethora of design ideas, but I’m open to suggestions. If you have a unique cat sweater design suggestion, leave a comment.

Please stop by my store Bananor Knits on Etsy and check them out!

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Life in the Pale

Betty Draper striking a Nordic pose.

My genetic contributors were from Norway, Denmark and Prussia. Since I’m a mixed-bag regular Canadian, I prefer to say, like Betty Draper did when a dashing young man asked her why she always looked so sad: “My people were Nordic”. Continue reading

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Meet the Monkeys

A couple months ago I made a monkey.

David Bowie MonkeyI just went a bit wild with the colours, and then got some help from my man with the eyes.

He’s a ‘creative type’, so this is how the monkey ended up with two different coloured eyes.

Because of the mis-matched eyes, I call him David Monkey, for David Bowie. Continue reading

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Just Chillin’ – A New Hostess Gift?

wine toque by bananor.comI have a lot of bits of wool and zany ideas, so I decided to make a toque for wine bottles.

(A toque is a Canadian word for ‘knitted hat’.  You say it like ‘tuke’.  We think any other word for a knitted hat is just weird.  Toque is a Quebecois word, but toques as brimless hats were popular in 13-16th century France.  Continue reading

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On Top of the Laptop

What?What you may not know, is that when I’m posting my postings, I have a cat on my lap.

I don’t have a big lap. It’s crowded between the laptop and Kimi. He doesn’t care. Sometimes he can be a real dick.

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True Bias

One day when I was six, my great-auntie Inge came to our apartment, had tea with my parents, and when she left, took me with her. My parents, “loafers” she called them, were young and had dreams for their futures. These dreams did not include me. I didn’t resist going with Inge.  I think I knew that living with her meant that she would “parent” me, and I wanted to know what that would be like. Continue reading

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High Praise Indeed, Kimi

Even with those weird Euro-trash glasses....sigh.

DHL, the official logistics partner of Formula 1, posted this picture of Kimi Raikkonen today.

Kimi is my favourite F1 driver.  Fernando Alonso is a close second, mainly because of a dream I had about him.  Dream-butterflies. Continue reading

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