Bananor Writes

Oh I know.  If you actually read my blog, you’ll notice that interspersed between witty satires, there are chapters of actual writing: “creative writing” if you will.

As an aspiring writer of books for your future entertainment, I am taking a bold risk (risky to writers who are usually quite shy), and I am publishing on this blog bits of the pieces I’m working on.  “Now why would I want to read that crap?” you might ask.  You might not, it’s a free country (well it is where I am, I don’t know where you are).

I’m looking for constructive feedback on my writing bits so that I can be a better writer.  I can take the criticism.  I have nerves of steel because I taught kindergarten in South Korea and those kids are merciless (fair warning to North Korea).  I’m not worried about people “stealing” my ideas, because you don’t know what I have in mind past Chapter One.  So there.  Besides, my ideas are published for the world to see, so I would have a much better case in court if it came to that.

You’ll find my writing bits under the tag “some light reading” if you’re interested in having a deeper look.  Please – no troll comments.  Pretend you’re at a book reading soiree and I’ve just read something to a room of pseudo-intellectuals, you have a glass of cheap wine in your hand, and you’re popping over to offer me some of your well-thought out comments on my writing.  Cheers.


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